The Elf Guide

Kaydin seems like a dependable guy. At first, I was hesitant; I’ve never met an elf I liked in my life, despite being able to speak the language. But after getting to know him, and ensuring he was getting paid for his work with us and would not be getting a cut in our findings, I’ve learned to count on him.

His abilities in combat are something I’ve never experienced. Sure, he’s an elf; he’s shooting a bow at things. But his arrows seem to manifest a primal energy. I’ll have to ask him about it sometime.

So far he seems to be patient with us, and has even opened up to us somewhat in the past day. His knowledge of the land, however limited it may be, has given us a chance to cash in on this job. I’m sure his help will continue to be beneficial.

...I’ve only just realized I have no idea what his full name is.


"A Kingdom, Lost" LamentMoon